Training Activities

Main Training Events & Conferences LEAD PARTNER MONTH
1 School 1: 5G architectures, enabling technologies, vertical industries and KPIs NOKIA(ind) M12
2 School 2: E2e validation of 5G networks: key analytical, prediction, simulation, experimental tools EUR(ac) M12
3 First SEMANTIC Industrial Dissemination Day TLN(ind) M13
4 Course 1: Intellectual skills, scientific writing and research integrity UOA(ac) M14
5 Course 2: Team skills, leadership, multi-cultural awareness and gender issues PDT(ac) M14
6 First Workshop CLM(ac) M20
7 School 3: PHY layer techniques and design principles in 5G New Radio CLM(ac) M20
8 School 4: MEC-empowered service provisioning and integration in 5G networks FOG(ind) M20
9 School 5: Emerging models and trends for dynamic network slicing and resource virtualization CTTC(ac) M24
10 School 6: Leveraging data analysis and machine learning for network management and automation TLN(ind) M24
11 Course 3: Influence, outreach and communication skills TLN(ind) M28
12 Course 4: IRP management and standardization TLN(ind) M28
13 Second SEMANTIC Industrial Dissemination Day NI(ind) M32
14 Second Workshop EUR(ac) M34
15 Course 5: Fundraising, Strategic Management and Entrepreneurship TLN
16 Final Conference CTTC(ac) M42
17 Plenary Meetings CTTC(ac) 3 per year